How To Have A Guilt-Free Holiday Season [Tip Included]

It’s the holiday season! It’s PAR-TAY time! It’s time to meet friends out for drinks, to go to holiday parties, hit a killer party food table, eat cookies, and celebrate. It’s also the time of year that creates feelings of self-criticism, guilt and shame about our bodies. It’s usually wrapped in the package of our food, drink, and exercise choices. 

The holiday season used to magnify my “in-control vs. out of control,” thinking.  The holidays were breeding grounds for “out of control” choices. It was a time for me to eat and drink excessively for most of the month of December. So, I use to fool myself by coming up with strategies to keep me in control of my body during the holiday season. Here are some of my old strategies:
•    I won’t eat anything all day. Then, I can have whatever I want at the party.
•    I’ll do a 2-hour  workout tomorrow.
•    I won’t eat at the party. I’ll have a “liquid dinner.”
•    I’ll fast tomorrow after the party.

Regardless of the strategy I employed, I would still end up beating myself up for every single thing I ate/drank. Also, I hardly ever stuck to the “in control” strategy. Especially, after a good party. Does any of this strike a chord?

To end this cycle, I began asking myself this one question. It’s a game-changer. It took me years to think about asking myself this. But, now I ask:
•    Does what I’m about to do include nourishing my body, mind, and/or soul?

I ask this question before I commit to meeting friends for drinks, or going to a party, or making most of my choices these days. 

Now let’s get something straight.  Sometimes tortilla chips, queso, pretzels, cheeses, dips and a stiff drink nourish my soul ;) However, sometimes it’s more nourishing to eat at home before the party, stop by for 30 minutes, and then be in bed by 11 PM. Regardless of my choice, I no longer wake up the next day with the urge to run my guilt away for two hours on the treadmill.  

For the upcoming weeks ask yourself, “Does what I’m about to do include nourishing my body, mind, and/or soul?” Soak up the expansive feelings of a guilt-free experience. 

My very best,
Jessica Sharpenstein