What You're Saying Is You Live Here

So, What Your Saying is You Live Here

During the last round of snow we had a few weeks ago, I wasn’t able to leave my apartment for a day. That afternoon a neighbor sent me a text inquiring if she could come over and pick up a book.  I wanted to turn out the lights, hide under the dining room table, and pretend I wasn’t home.  I had dirty dishes in the sink, I hadn’t vacuumed, and there were books and papers all over my dining room table. It was business as usual at my apartment. Despite the mess, I told her to come on over. Because who cares, right?

When she came over I apologized for the clutter and mess. She responded by saying, “so what you’re saying is you live here?” I needed to hear that. She was a messenger for me to look through the lens of a human being.  

Life Happens In Our Bodies

We live in our homes, just as we live in our bodies. Life happens in our bodies, just like life happens in our homes.  Our living spaces, just like our bodies can give us protection. They can also stand tall through challenges and experiences such as snow, thunderstorms, sunshine, and wind. Our bodies are here with us through times of sadness, celebration, life transitions, and the creation of memories. Our living spaces and our bodies need to be cleaned, maintained, refreshed, and cared for. If I think of caring for my living space just like my body, perhaps I can remove all of the negative messages that can be associated with both. 

When I clean my living space, I start with one room at a time, one paper at a time, or one dish at a time. It’s a meditative, methodical practice. Calmly, moment by moment, I breathe fresh air into each table I clear off, each dish I wash, or each book I put on its shelf.

“Cleaning” our bodies can be similar. Perhaps it starts with saying something affirming to yourself, showing appreciation to your body by moving, or eating something nourishing for your body. It is one moment at a time, one choice over another. 

Sometimes the kitchen sink is empty, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I nourish my body, sometimes I don’t. But, I’m so gratified when I do nourish my body, or maintain my living space. When I don’t, why hide from the world, or my neighbors, or my friends? I bet they live in their homes and bodies too.