I've Been In a Funk

For the past four weeks I’ve been in a funk. It’s like the wind blew a different direction one day. BAM! I had the blues. My Inner Critic and Negative Mindset Counsel gathered and began screaming in my head. They told me things like:

  • “You didn’t exercise today,you’re a fraud as a health/wellness  professional.”
  • “You’re foolish to think you can start your own business, you’re going to fail and be homeless.”
  • “Jessica, you’re always going to be the same, so why bother?”

So, I’ve been trying to run from the Critic and the Council. Here’s how some of the “running away” scenarios played out: 

  • “Sure I’ll have one more beer with you, camaraderie is important.”
  • “Just a few chips won’t matter, I deserve it.”
  • “Yes! I would love to order pizza.  I don’t feel like cooking.”

    I was skipping workouts, meeting friends out more often for wings, beers and nachos. I was staying up later, sleeping in longer. Not wanting to feel my feelings. It was way more fun to hang out with my friends, sit on my couch, eat fried foods, or sleep late, than face myself. Do any of you have versions of this? 

Sometimes I Take A Detour

Me and a member of my Team of Experts.

Me and a member of my Team of Experts.

Then, I couldn’t stand myself anymore. I mean, all of the negative thinking patterns? Many of the choices I was making weren't aligned with my best self. I'd had enough. I knew that I had the ability to change my reality. I've had to do it over and over again. I listened, reframed, and reconnected. I slept, journaled, talked it out, and collaged. I said “no” to a few social engagements.

I also needed a little bit of extra help, support, guidance, and encouragement during this time. I had to understand why I was running away. I reached out to my friends, family, therapist, acupuncturist, my cat Sydney, my team of experts. Thank you for being there! I also want to thank myself for having the courage to look at myself and act. 

I found a calendar, placed it on my refrigerator, and am now tracking the days my nutrition is lined up, workouts, meditation, and yoga. I’m also tracking how I spend my time, studying, networking, writing, or marketing.  It’s my way of being honest with myself. Getting back to things that nourish my soul. It also gives me accountability; plus, a reason to celebrate my successes.

When I’m grounded and in alignment with my goals, I’m my best me. I feel unstoppable. But, I’m also human. Sometimes I take a detour, and sometimes I need resuscitation, or a few more self-care options.  

How do you stop running away? Who helps you stand up again? How do you quiet your Inner Critic and Negativity Council? How does your mindset manifest? Have you reached out to your team of experts lately? Working with your challenges is the way back to yourself. You are worth it. 

How I Can Be On Your Team of Experts?

Most people know that a healthy body weight, exercise, and manageable stress levels are essential elements to feeling great. However, we are inundated with so much confusing information that our wellness goals seem unattainable. What happens when your 21-day cleanse is over, or perhaps when life happens? My wellness packages are created to address lasting lifestyle changes and to navigate busy, complex lives. Contact me today to discuss how we can work together.