Are You Destined For A Flat Tire?

A few weeks ago I was participating in a session with my business coach, and we did some work with the wellness wheel assessment. The wellness wheel explores eight dimensions of wellness (career, money, health, physical environment, friends & family, romance/significant other, leisure time/fun/recreation, personal growth & learning) to determine the balance of your life at the moment.

After completing the exercise I realized my business was headed for a flat tire because of imbalances in other areas of my life. Think about the consequences of a flat tire. It can be impossible to steer straight. It can keep you from getting to your destination. Even worse, it can cause a wreck. That’s the last thing I want showing up in my business right now.

I had some undeniable discrepancies in the “Friends/Romance” categories. When looking at the wheel, I realized these imbalances were going to cause setbacks not only in my business; but, in my overall quality of life.

I did some serious soul searching, taking a truthful look at my relationships. I knew it was time to for some goodbyes. I was involved in and “on again, off again” romantic relationship, friendship…whatever you call it. This relationship scratched an itch for me. It gave me immediate gratification. However, immediate gratification isn’t necessarily my style for meaningful relationships. Overtime, I found many elements of our relationship were dishonorable. Plus, I would always question the dependability, support, or reliability of this person if I were ever in a situation where I was truly in need. So after my itch was scratched, I would feel worse because I refused the see the truth right in front of my face. That’s not my definition of a satisfying, fulfilling relationship.

Now let’s think about the wellness wheel. If anything is significantly imbalanced or you are unsatisfied with one piece, it creates difficulties to steer other wellness dimensions smoothly. For example, maybe you’re becoming less and less thrilled with your career. Currently, you’re working a 75-hour workweek at a job that is  unfulfilling, but “it pays the bills.” Sometimes that imbalance in your wheel shows up in your “Fun, Leisure, and Recreation” category. How can there be space in your schedule for leisure? Imbalances in career satisfaction can also look like “decompressing” on the couch and binging on T.V. because “you’ve earned it.” Look even closer, how is your health, family, or personal growth affected by imbalances in your life?

Is there anything you’re tolerating in your life? Is there clutter in your home, are you socializing with gossipers, waiting until work slows down to start taking care of your body? Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else? Is there a slow leak in your tire? Or, life messes that need cleaned up?

What action are you going to take today to create a smooth ride?
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