Go Ahead, Fall In Love

Dear Miraculous Body,

I’m writing to tell you that I’m in love with you. We’ve been together for so many years that I admit, I may have taken you for granted at times. I never realized how happy and complete I am with you. You’re the reason I breathe, see beauty, dance, and taste the sweetness of life. You are by my side always.

I want to apologize for the past. I now realize that I was insensitive to you for all of the times that I felt shame about your weight, your size, your injuries. It was insensitive of me telling you that you’re not fast enough, not strong enough, not good enough over and over again. I lashed out calling you names like flawed, unacceptable, and weak.

I see now that you protect me and stand up for me. Your strength and loyalty is by my side day after day. I know that your heart continuously beats for me.

I’m looking forward to growing old with you, taking care of you, and being there for your needs. I cherish every single day that we spend together. You and I were made to be together, forever.

Love Always,
How do you talk to your body? It’s almost unconscious all of the criticism, judgment, and shame we feed our bodies. Would you talk to someone you loved like that? How can we love, energize, nourish, and celebrate our bodies? What if we switched our thinking? What if everyday we expressed gratitude for our miraculous bodies? What if we fell in love with our bodies and all that is does for us? Write your body a letter. Go to the mirror, gaze into your eyes, and read it to yourself. Go ahead, fall in love.