How to fix your rocky relationship with motivation

Dear Motivation,

In the first few weeks of our relationship I thought we were committed. But, things changed. We started having poor communication about our true feelings and we drifted apart. We weren't clear about setting realistic and loving expectations.

The truth is I was going through a transition. I had just broken up with Resolution. I was still feeling guilt and anger about breaking it off. I didn’t feel good about myself. Despite how I felt, I decided to put myself out there again. Then, you came into my life Motivation.

Motivation, I thought if I just had you, my life would be better.  However, I jumped into our relationship too quickly. I wanted too much, too fast. I apologize for scaring you off. I’ve felt like a failure since you’ve left.

Motivation, I want you back into my life. I realize the issue is me, not you. I’ve worked through the obstacles and rough patches that hold me back from self-acceptance. Now that I’ve shifted old patterns, I’m full of acceptance and love for both me and you. I’m ready to commit if you are.

 Love Always,

 (Jessica Sharpenstein)