Who Else Wants Success Everyday?

I teach a personal wellness class at a local university.Periodically, we have an experience share-style class so the students can create community and a support system with one another.

In a recent class, the students took ownership of facilitating the discussion. One student asked the class to share their biggest struggles of the semester. The students were unreserved with their answers. Their anecdotes included difficulties managing academic demands; struggling to balance time with their friends, athletics, work, and school; feeling homesick and disconnected from their families; overwhelmed with making the right choice when choosing their major; finding the motivation to perform well in classes they did not like; and, managing roommate disagreements.

The student facilitator then asked each student to share their successes for the semester. At that point there was silence, staring at the ground in hopes to avoid answering the question, and the classic “deer in headlights” look.  The students were blank.

Each semester, I marvel at each student’s growth, determination, and evolution. The seemingly small successes are often diminished. They forget to acknowledge how they overcame the fear of asking questions in class. That they had the strength to seek out a tutor for support; or, had the discernment and confidence to choose a major.

It's easy to dismiss the successes we experience each and every day. But, they are all worth celebrating! Try writing or reflecting on at least three of your successes each day. Maybe it’s speaking up in a meeting, going for a walk with your friends or family, putting $25.00 in your savings account, or saying “no” to something that does not serve you. Whatever the success…practice acknowledging it and celebrating it. Be awestruck by all of the greatness you create each day.