Are You Allowing This Transform You?

Experiencing uncomfortable feelings and emotions are part of both the grit and beauty of our human experience. It’s a way to check our pulse, knowing that we’re alive. Our first instinct is to run from discomfort. But, what if we welcomed discomfort to be our teacher?

The discomfort starts to make itself shown as an inkling of frustration, not feeling like ourselves. Noticing that we’re preoccupied, not present.  And then it sets in. The feeling of preoccupied turns into sleepless nights.  The disconnection, the anger, or sadness feels crippling.

The urge to run as fast as we can from these feelings is the strongest. We want to take the edge off, pretend that we “have it together,” or to hide. We may want to make someone else responsible for our feelings. Sometimes, afraid of where our feelings will take us.

If we dive in, surrender to the discomfort, let it wash over us, we can allow the discomfort to transform us. This is when we learn what is no longer serving us. We feel the anger, the sadness, the fear, the disconnection. We realize if we’ve betrayed ourselves, or if someone has betrayed us. We simply FEEL! It takes guts, courage, and heart.

In the meantime, paint the living room, rewire the lamp, cook, meditate, exercise, rearrange the furniture, write a letter, write a novel, throw stuff away. Shed the old skin.

Then one day, we suddenly feel “normal.” We feel resuscitated and revived. We can see possibility again. We can cast away the old, the stale, the lifeless. We’ve extracted wisdom and awareness. The new cycle calls us. Something is left behind, yet never forgotten. We’ve grown, healed, evolved.

"In the dark time; the eye begins to see." ~Theodore Roethke

Jessica Sharpenstein