Uncover the Value of Listening: How to create an inestimable spark for awakening

We are here in these bodies, able to experience this world through the blessings of our senses.To dig into the luscious familiarities gifted to us through the human experience. Listening, the ability to hear the tangible and intangible, creates an inestimable spark for awakening.

A meditation technique that speaks to me is finding the space between the breath.The practice begins with anchoring or focusing on the inhale and the exhale.Then, the anchor point is shifted to the space between the breath.The pause before the inhale becomes the exhale, and that tiny moment before the exhale becomes the inhale. After only a few minutes of focusing on the space between the breath, the ability to hear and listen reveals itself.

Through busying ourselves day after day, we often miss the whispers of guidance and truth that is given to us simply by using our treasure of listening. The clangorous noise that we create through distractions such as social media, gossip, and television mute our ability to face our fears, hear the heartbeat of the lover that sleeps beside us, or pick up on the whispers of what we truly yearn for.

Focusing on the space between the breath – the stillness before the exhale becomes the inhale – the intermission between the inhale and the exhale – allows us to hear the lessons of the past, present, and future. The “I love you’s,” the cries for help, the pulse of the planet.

We create clamor by talking to fill the void, stuffing our feelings down with food, bitterness, or avoidance. We often forget that each in-breath is an opportunity to begin again, and each exhale allows us to let go of what is no longer serving us…envy, angst, resentment, victimization, judgment. The space between the breath offers us transcendence from the strident voice in our head full of criticism, foreboding, and the berating dissection of ourselves.

On your next inhale, listen to the stirrings of your heart surge with faith, trust, and forgiveness. Then allow the space between the inhale and the exhale to bloom with true spirit. When the pause between the exhale becomes the inhale, allow your flood of intentions to reveal themselves to you. Use your gift, and listen to what you are inviting in.

Jessica Sharpenstein, M.S., C.W.C