What's so special about new beginnings?

There are so many aphorisms about endings and beginnings: “One door closes, another door opens.” “Every end is a new beginning.” “A good beginning makes a good ending.” All of these new opportunities sound wonderful; but, what about the time between the endings and beginnings? How do we move through the void of unknown?

The space between endings and beginnings are where the juicy things are born. The unexpected, the miracles happen. This is the time when we figure out what we're made of, who truly stands next to us. This is when we learn surrender, and quit resisting. But it can be painful! It's scary, unpredictable, anxiety-provoking, self-worth crushing. We question everything. Why is this happening? Why ME? 

The space between endings and new beginnings can be compared to a seed’s dormancy period, before germinating and bursting through the ground. The dormancy period is a time for us to go within, creating silence, accessing awareness, digging into our soul lessons, and creating ideal conditions for illuminating our path.

Certain necessary conditions are required to break dormancy in order for germination to begin, such as water, oxygen, temperature, and soil.  Let’s imagine us being the seeds, in dormancy, creating ideal conditions for new beginnings, breaking dormancy, and where fresh growth begins to see daylight. 

Water (Inner Work) - Seeds are generally dehydrated before germinating; and therefore, need water to become active. During the dormancy in our life paths, our inner soul seeds are dehydrated.  Our souls are thirsty for inner work to quench our desire for meaning, purpose, and enlightenment. Inner work includes uncovering our values, aligning with our truths, being the observer of our thoughts, and attuning to our higher selves. We fertilize our spirit by listening to music, looking at seductive artwork, absorbing nature. We honor our health with movement and nourishment, making our body the incubator of our inner seeds. We dig in and cultivate a community of harmonious souls in which to share and spread our lights. All while enriching our seeds with self-empathy, internal curiosity, compassion, and self-care. 

Oxygen (Trust) – Seeds need oxygen to germinate, just as we need oxygen for life. Oxygen can be compared to trust, creating an atmosphere for germination, or new beginnings. We breathe in oxygen (trust), involuntarily. Knowing what’s best for ourselves. We turn off the noise and distractions so we can hear our inner trust. In order to trust, we must let go of grasping for the deceptive illusion of control. We must trust ourselves to know that when our path is illuminated. We will be assured know the steps to take. 

Light (Hope)  - For some seeds, light is not necessary in the early stages of germination; however, light plays a major role in a plant thriving in the later stages of its life.  Light can be substituted for hope, for the seeds of our soul. Some of us believe that hope is unrealistic, Pollyanna, or naïve. On the contrary, hope allows us to dig into our tenacity and tap into the knowing that there is a solution. There is a brilliant germination period ahead. Sometimes the dormancy period is so nebulous and lengthy that hope is all we have to survive. When hope is negligible, fear can take over. Fear can impede our soul’s germination, if we allow it to grow. However we can remember a statement by Maya Angelou, “Fear and hope cannot occupy the same space.” 

Temperature (Faith) – The temperature of the soil can prevent seeds from deteriorating; thus, not being able to germinate. Faith can prevent our soul seeds from deteriorating from worry, or the need to know all of the answers. Having faith can keep us in the present moment. Having faith can defy physical manifestations, and allow our soul’s greater plan to unfold. Just like when a seed is ready to burst out of dormancy. It’s unpredictable, variable, and simply happens when it is time. We wake up and suddenly, we are out of our dormant period. We don’t know exactly when it will be; but, our faith reminds us that the grace of new beginnings will open to us in perfect timing. 

Soil – The soil in which seeds germinate need nutrients, minerals, proper pH, texture, and compaction.  For soul germination, we need soil that is full of humor, curiosity, patience, gratitude, and an open heart to serve as nourishment. 

Remember, the dormancy and germination periods are opportunities to get naked with your soul. It’s a time to reassess, transition, and cleanse. It’s a time to love, honor, and respect all of your unique life circumstances, knowing that our soul seeds will burst through the dormancy.

Jessica Sharpenstein, M.S., C.W.C.