These Four Questions Are a MUST forTransformation

The New Year can bring a sense of renewal, release, hope, and a fresh start. This time of year is a time to go within, reflect, and create an environment for transformation to be born. When considering how you want to transform, work through the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, intellectual, financial, physical, occupational, spiritual, environmental, and social wellness. Oftentimes, January can narrow our focus to only physical wellness; however, all dimensions of wellness cultivate our experiences. The eight dimensions of wellness are defined as follows:

Photo courtesy of  SAMHSA

Photo courtesy of SAMHSA

  • Emotional wellness can include being able to name, accept, process, and express our feelings. It represents our resiliency, ability to love and be loved, forgive ourselves and others, self-acceptance, and fulfillment in life.
  • Intellectual wellness can encompass our creativity, personal development, learning, knowledge, and expansion of skills. These skills can be used for personal, family, and career expansion.
  • Physical wellness represents our ability to create quality of life through adequate exercise, sleep, nutritious foods, avoiding harmful substances (drugs, tobacco, alcohol), and employing preventative practices (regular check-ups, wearing seat belts, knowing lifestyle disease signs and symptoms).
  • Financial wellness is consistently being aware of how money flows in, and how it flows out. It also relates to our spiritual, intellectual, and physical ideas and actions with money. Preparedness, resiliency, and understanding are all components of financial wellness.
  • Occupational wellness is being able to create personal satisfaction, purpose, and enrichment from using our skills, gifts, talents, and intellect. It also represents our ability to balance work with other dimensions of wellness.
  • Spiritual wellness is our ability to connect with and explore our guiding values. Spiritual wellness is connected to searching for meaning and purpose for our human experience. Spiritual wellness can encompass both secular and non-secular practices.
  • Social wellness is our ability to create and maintain a quality support system, satisfying relationships, and connection to community. Social wellness includes our relationship with our self, romantic relationships, family, friends, and the global community.
  • Environmental wellness includes a healthy physical environment, such as your home or work space, and expands to our planet. On a micro level, it can look like a place free of clutter, functioning HVAC, or a smoke-free environment. Macro environmental wellness includes clean drinking water, energy conservation, and air quality.   

It’s important for use to realize that each dimension is related and bleeds into one another. For example, if you are not finding meaning in your work, you may start complaining non-stop to your partner about your job, you become sick more frequently, you take LOTS of mental health days, you’re irritable, bored with life; and, you think going on an all-inclusive tropical vacation will solve all of your problems. Your lack of occupational wellness has affected your social (complaining to your partner, irritable), physical (being sick), emotional (irritable, mental health days), financial (buying a vacation to “fix” your problems), and intellectual (bored with life) wellness.
This year, I’m applying four questions as a guide to shed old patterns, create a fertile environment for change, and continue to evolve into a conscious being. The questions are:
1. My word for 2018 is ______________.
2. How will I create _______ in my _____________ wellness?
3. What am I releasing in order for me to have ___________ in my _______ wellness?
4. How will I step out of my comfort zone to create _________ in my ____________ wellness?


Remember to explore ALL dimensions of wellness when working through the four questions. I’ve provided an example working with “appreciation” and financial wellness below.
1. My word for 2018 is appreciation.
2. How will I create appreciation in my financial wellness?
               I will appreciate what I have; rather than, focus on what I don’t have.
3. What am I releasing in order for me to have appreciation in my financial wellness?
              I will release fear around money, and a lack mentality.
4. How will I step out of my comfort zone to create appreciation in my financial wellness?
             I will meet with my financial coach to review strategies for saving, paying off debt, and                investing in my future.

Share your word and answers with a friend, family, on social media, or with me. Let’s see what we can manifest in 2018!

Happy New Year, Namaste, the  Light in Me Honors the Light in You!
Jessica Sharpenstein, M.S., C.W.C.

In addition to group offerings, I offer 1-on-1 intuitive services, energy healing, and wellness/life/soul coaching. Contact me today to explore ways to work with one another.

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