Develop your intuition with these 5 strategies


I believe that we’re all intuitive people; however, much of our intuition is socialized out of us over time. When I do energy healing, mediumship, and intuitive readings, I often get asked, “How do I develop my intuition?” It takes practice and consistency, just like any art or discipline. Below are five ways to begin developing your intuition right away. 

  • Meditate:  Meditation makes it possible to listen to and hear our higher selves, intuition, and guidance. Imagine you and your long-time crush are standing next to a jackhammer, and your crush is professing their love to you. You miss the entire proclamation because there is too much noise from the jackhammer. The jackhammer can be compared to the noise in our daily lives -  busyness, T.V., social media, gossip, self-deprecation, distractions, mental chatter, the “to do” list, etc. We have to quiet the jackhammer noise in order to truly hear. When you cosistently show up to your meditation practice, you will learn to quiet the noise, and your sensitivity to energies will develop. Show up. Keep showing up. Create a sacred time in your schedule, turn on your timer, breathe, and see what blooms. Repeat, repeat, repeat.  
  • Fill your body with nourishing fuel: Your physical body is an instrument to receive intuitive hits. If our intrument is in tune and running smoothly, we can feel energy, hear guidance, and sense our intuition. Imagine your body is like the kitchen sink drain. If you continue to pour bacon grease down the drain, it will get clogged and no longer be able to function properly. Like pouring bacon grease down the drain, if your instrument is clogged with sugar, dehydration, processed foods, and/or ingredients we can’t pronounce, our instrument will not work properly. Eat some vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, unprocessed carbohydrates; drink some water; and, cook! You will be a vessel for receiving divine guidance and messages before you know it.
  • Go for a walk: Taking a walk a walk can decrease stress, help shake off unwanted energies, and put you in touch with your  higher self. It is a great way to sort through mental noise and chatter. Going outside for walks improves mood, decreases anxiety, and reduces ruminating thouths. Therefore, leaving you open to listen to your intuition. When you’re out walking make a note of any animals or plants that cross your path. They can be messengers. A fun way to connect with their messages is to, first, go with your first instinct about their teachings. Then, you can try Googling, “the spiritual meaning of _______ (ex. A lady bug).  
    Journal: Journaling is a tangible way to connect with your intuition, the Universe, etc. Journaling can help you get to know your thoughts, beliefs, patterns. It’s a way to put in your questions, dreams, intentions, and wishes to the Universe. You can ask a question of your higher self, sit quietly for a few moments, then…let the writing flow through you. Remember, there is no need for grammar, punctuation, or editing. There is no right or wrong, no one is grading you.  Also, journaling doesn’t require a structure. If you want some warm-up questions to get started, try journaling about the high points of your day. Or, what learning opportunities have crossed your path during the day? Then, ask your higher self a question like, “how can I align myself with my life path?” 
  • Play your cards: Grab a deck of oracle, angel, or affirmation cards. Cards are an easy way to communicate with the Universe, begin to notice signs, and have your higher self, guides, angels, (whatever you believe in) sprinkle breadcrumbs on your intuitive path. You simply have to follow the trail. You can start by picking one card each day; then, at the end of the day journal about how that card showed up for you. Remember to ask open ended questions like: Show me what I need to know today? What’s standing in the way of finding my life partner?  What will help me reach my full potential? When you look at the card, go with your first gut reaction. Some of my favorite oracle decks are: James Van Praagh’s, The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards, Doreen Virtue’s, Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, and Alana Fairchild’s, Sacred Rebels Oracle.          

Consistently show up to two, three or all of these practices and deepen your relationship with your intuition. You will begin to notice soul growth, increased personal power, and tranquility of the mind.