What's Saving My Life Right Now


It is winter. The middle of winter, and it just seems to be never ending. The cold, the gray, and the darkness can create the blues, blahs, and everything in between. For me, I dread winter and every year. But, I try my best to be intentional about creating little comforts that get me through the season. 

A few days ago a friend sent me this blog, “9 Things Saving My Life Right Now.” It spoke to me, so I just had to create my own list. Making has helped me land my attention on all the little treasures that I have, every single moment. Plus, it’s a fun journal activity. I’ve provided and excerpt from my list below. Thankfully, my list could go on and on. Here are nine things that are saving my life right now.
1.    CrossFit. I started teaching yoga at Derby City CrossFit in November, and I had no idea what a beautiful, loving community that existed there! I walk in; am made to feel like I’m at home; then, I get to work out any heavy energy that I’ve picked up during the day from my work. An additional bonus includes learning new skills to challenge my body, mind, and spirit. 
2.    Popcorn. Popped on the stove, topped with sea salt and real butter. Every night, I sit on my couch, talk to the Universe, and savor each popcorn kernel, one by one. It’s my routine of cozy. 
3.    The Money Shift.  Every year I explore my stale money beliefs that are affecting my prosperity, definition of success, and connection to the unlimited supply of support that the Universe provides. Each morning, I dispel an old money myth, such as, “You can’t get something for nothing;” or, “I’m not good enough at anything to make money;“ or, “I have terrible luck.” I journal about the origin of these beliefs; then, write personal evidence that disproves the stale money story. Then, find an abundance affirmation that resonates with me.
4.    Darius & FKJ’s Song, “Ô”. It grooves, it’s smooth, and it feels good. It reminds me of cool blue, greys, and black. It’s on my yoga soundtrack, my drive to school soundtrack, my unwind soundtrack, my drive home from school soundtrack, my sexy soundtrack.
5.    Endless amounts of incense. First thing in the morning when I’m meditating, as soon as I get home from school with my afternoon coffee, when I’m working from home, communicating with the Universe, when I’m hanging out with friends, when I’m hanging out with me. Incense is also perfect for a case of the Sundays. My favorite right now is Champaka from the World Market.
6.    Giggling with teens. I have the honor and privilege of teaching mindfulness with high school teens. I LOVE THOSE STUDENTS! I get to act like a kid, giggle, lose my balance, be silly, and teach what I love. 
7.    Appreciation Bracelet. I wrote a blog about my word for 2018, and I chose “appreciation.” My dear friend Heather read my blog, and surprised me with an intention bracelet that says, "appreciation." Now I get to look down at my wrist, and remind myself that I’m in the vibration of appreciation, all of the time! 
8.    My diffuser. Always diffusing healing. Lately, my concoction is grapefruit and lavender essential oils. It brightens my energy and grounds me. It also charges up my patience for the giggling teenagers. 
9.    Meditation. My personal practice, the work with the teens, my Monday night meditation group. It connects me to my truth and higher self. It brings me back to gratitude, equanimity, and compassion. It creates community and raises the collective consciousness. 

And a few more things...Sydney, my family, my boo, my friends, Doug, Heather, art dates with Jess, soup, cinnamon spice tea, Himalayan salt lamp, collage, sleep, and coffee………

Remember, spring is right around the corner, and we can be grateful for all that winter represents – internal reflection and breeding grounds for transformation. 

What things are saving your life right now? Please share!