Do you have the "I Don't Have Time" virus?


The “I don’t have time” virus is spreading, causing an outbreak of lifestyle-related disease, depression, anxiety, apathy, and insomnia. It’s an epidemic sweeping households everywhere. Here are some examples of different strains of the epidemic:  
•    I don’t have time to be creative. 
•    I don’t have time to exercise.  
•    I don’t have time for personal development. 
•    I don’t have time to cook. 
•    I don’t have time to meditate. 
•    I don’t have time to read.  
•    I don’t have time to sleep.
•    I don’t have time to spend time with my family

Strains of the epidemic are inexhaustible and they are disempowering. When examining the evidence further, the epidemic can be traced back to the following scenarios. 

•    Yes-ism – Saying “yes” to every request, appointment, meeting, “pick your brain,” social engagement, or favor. Also known as, putting everything and everyone before your own needs.  It can also look like people pleasing, not wanting to disappoint people; or, fear of being perceived as a b*#ch. 
•    No-ism – No-ism is a cousin to yes-ism. “I don’t have time,” can be a replacement phrase for hiding the truth. In reality this is what is happening – “No, I don’t want to; but, I’m so worried about pleasing you, or avoiding conflict that I’m going to tell you that ‘I don’t have time.’” 
•    Everything has to be perfect! – Spending immense amounts of energy trying to achieve flawless and perfect results; therefore, projects take disproportionate amounts of time and energy. Another form of people pleasing.  
•    The never-ending “to do” list – In reality, receiving validation from your “busy-ness.”
•    Someone or something else has control over your time (typically a job, family, or friends)  – Meaning, your sense of priority has been lost.  So, blaming something outside (your job, family or friends) and feels powerful. Rather than, accepting the reality that you have choices.   
•    Look at the time! – All time has been spent all of time vegging out, hanging out friends, or hiding from priorities that are meaningful to you…AKA, procrastination.   
If you happen to catch the “I don’t have time,” virus. It is strongly recommended that you unravel the mystery of how you caught the virus. Early warning signs include feeling depleted, resentful, unfulfilled, ragged, and unsatisfied. By dissecting how the virus was contracted you will be able to shift to your true priorities; be honest and compassionate with yourself; and, unearth true alignment.  

The next time you feel like you are coming down with a case of the “I don’t have time” virus. Pause and think if any of the above scenarios are true for you.  

Namaste, the  Light in Me Honors the Light in You!

Jessica Sharpenstein, M.S., C.W.C.
***Note: this is a refurbished blog that I wrote in 2015...because I had a case of the "I don't have time" virus :)