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Usui Reiki I & II Certification Class

  • The Intuitive Connection 1626 Story Avenue Louisville, KY, 40206 United States (map)

In this Reiki class, you will learn the history and techniques of Reiki. We will also learn about Spiritual Healing, the laws of healing, permission, intent and ethics. You will receive a Reiki attunement which is a very sacred ceremony. You will also access your personal healing symbol along with the traditional Reiki symbols. Symbols are one of the ways of spiritual communication and a very important component of the practice of Reiki.

The class will open with an energy clearing for each student, using crystals, sage, sweetgrass, celenite and sound. We will work together to raise your energy and clear any lower energies, to prepare for the attunement. We will move into a guided meditation to bring spirit closer and to align with the divine, the higher source energy.

Lunch will be provided. A Reiki Manual, “Reiki First and Second Degree Manual, The Healing Touch” and a class certificate as well.

The afternoon will begin with the attunement ceremony, which is a connection to your spirit team, your healer guide(s) and your ascended master(s). We will move into practicing the symbols with information about how to use symbols in your everyday life. We will do a lot of practice, invoking the Reiki, moving energy, scanning and sensing energy, using our psychic senses in our Reiki practice and more. We will spend most of the afternoon working with partners to become comfortable in being a channel, to receive information through our psychic senses and to really feel the transfer of the energy of Reiki as well as to identify source conditions.

This is a very active and hands on class! There will be a lot of information presented from an educational sense, but most of this class is about working with energy, sensing and connecting to the beautiful higher source energy known as Reiki.

Class is facilitated by Suzanne Smith, Reiki Master.

Note from Suzanne, I have been immersed in the metaphysics since 2002. In my Reiki attunement in 2009, it was one of the most intense spiritual experiences in this lifetime. I’ve studied Reiki and Spiritual Healing for many years and I am very excited to bring this to other people, to create a space for learning and spiritual growth. I am a LifeForce Energy Healer by Deborah King, I study Trance Healing in England at the Arthur Findlay College. I’ve also studied Spiritual Healing at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana and I’ve just completed an Advanced Shamanism class with Bob Teets. All of these studies and different teachings have influenced my practice as a psychic, medium, healer and a teacher – and are a component of the teaching of Reiki.

I am experiencing a deep calling to practice more healing work as spirit works with me closely to identify the origin of the discomfort. I am in service to help others to learn and grow as healers and to evolve together.

In summary, the class will be comprised of the following:
· Energy Clearing, Preparation for the Class
· Reiki History
· Spiritual Healing
· The Laws of Healing, Ethics, Permission and Intent
· Reiki Hand Positions
· Reiki Attunement, a Sacred Ceremony
· Japanese Reiki Techniques
· Symbols, your Personal Symbol, the Reiki I and II Symbols
· Practicing Healing with a Partner during Class
· Lunch, Class Manual & Certificate

Price: $135.00/person (sliding scale available)
Class is hosted at The Intuitive Connection, 1626 Story Avenue Louisville KY 40206. Street parking only

Hosted by Suzanne Smith, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, owner of The Intuitive Connection. Suzanne is a Spiritualist Medium, Psychic, Energy Healer and Teacher. For more info go to

questions? email suzanne at, or Jessica;

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